Photo of Christopher Bonnichsen

About Christopher M. Bonnichsen LAc MaAOM:

Christopher is a native Oregonian who has dedicated his life to raising his two children and to helping others to live better lives. He has spent many years serving people from all walks of life as both a healer and a social worker.

As a graduate of Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, Christopher uses a variety of healing approaches (including: Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Shiatsu, Tuina) to engage patients as active partners in their own healing. Clearly explaining each step, Christopher guides clients through the process. He sticks with clients as long as they want to stay engaged. Most patients notice changes in a brief period, but of course, chronic conditions take longer as layers of imbalance are gently addressed.

Christopher has a passion for alleviating suffering. He learned directly about healing from embracing his own chronic pain conditions. He is walking evidence that his techniques work. His experiences have deepened his compassion and his empathetic awareness. Having lived in Portland for eleven years, Christopher highly values community. He celebrates diversity and connectedness. He embraces all people and conditions with enthusiasm and attentiveness.

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