AHA Experiences

Qi Gong Classes

Wednesday morning Qi Gong

Classes are held at 8:00am, Wednesdays at:

Tango Berretin
6305 SE Foster Rd
Portland, OR 97206

Qi is in essence the life force of the body moving through the body. Different types of qi in different parts of the body
A: Qi which is vital life force. Gong is the movement of that lifeforce.
A: Because it brings identitfication within body mind and spirit and Ancient taoists did it to make sure their bodys would last. Longivity. Fertility.

Hand of Cthulhu

Information project by AHA to educate public about other modalities provided by Chinese medicine. Predominantly fire cupping and guasha.
A: Information on TCM, experience cupping.
A: Loosening muscles, breaking up long term chronic muscle iss, reducing pain, cool marks on back.

Fat Radish

Ascending Hope helps run a community garden.

When are work parties?
What type of things are going on at the Fat Radish?
What kind of information here?