Christopher is very sensitive to my needs without saying much. He is very intuitive to what kind of healing I need, and obviously can also read my body through Chinese medicine tecniques. Chirstopher is very dynamic in his healing process, using needles, moxa, sound healing, and his shamanic pep talk. I feel like he's a cheerleader for my spirit. -Zoe Rudzinski

     Having lived in Taiwan for two years, I have had many acupuncture experiences both abroad and in the US. I went to Christopher to heal my back and neck from a double rollover car accident. After the first session I knew I had found a powerful healer to walk me through the stages of healing. He is both scientific and intuitive, and I appreciate how he listens to where I am at that day and floats between the gentle and intense sessions accordingly. I feel safe under his care in the latter, as he regularly checks in and pauses as the release comes. Chris is a compassionate and firm coach who isn't afraid to take you into your depths if you express resolve and readiness, but he also won't push until he sees you're ready. He cares sincerely for each client who comes to him and the many friends I have sent often tell me that he has helped bring them to a higher state of health and well-being. -Jenna Roberts

     I was lost.  I had lost myself.  This person I had been so close to in my youth had wondered off and left me empty.  What am I doing here?  Who is the person I want to be? How do I get there? Why do I feel so out of place, so lost?  Where do these feelings of confusion and anxiety come from?  How do I combat them and become peaceful inside?
     Thankfully, I met Christopher at the right time.  He introduced me not only to acupuncture, but also a new way of being so I can keep myself from getting lost in the future. While my body was healthy, my soul was out of tune, my energy out of balance.  My first two months of acupuncture, once a week, I wept and released on Christopher’s table.  While I cried and cried, he kept reminding me that I have a lot of power inside me.  And in this manner, I gradually healed. 
     I have learned many things from Christopher, the best things to learn, in my opinion.  He has taught me how to meditate, and cultivate my life-force energy.  He has helped me to focus my mind, and find more personal peace everyday.  If you are lost or ill, please give this healing a chance.  If you throw your whole self into it, I promise you will succeed.  - Abby Iversen

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