The rules… Basic guidlines to surviving an American life.

Another day, another string of meaningless meaning, passes and the chaos of just getting done with the things you need to get done is completely incomplete. Do you harbor guilt and other sticky emotions towards the expectations you think are expected? I have found that seeing things in a guise of holistic perspective is the easiest way to navigate. I have been shifting around within my own mind deliberating how to open my message to the world around me. My conclusion is to write about what I know and the rest will come. When engaged with clients, friends, and family I continue to remind people of the basic premises I have observed in the world. Three basic guidelines to understanding and accepting the complications the world waves through your life: 1. All things are movable and changeable. 2. All things are negotiable. 3. Be present.   These are guidelines. There is no definite anything.

All things are movable and changeable.

People, animals, forests, the sky, our sun, and really if you get down to it even the way I perceive how things are in my own mind. Bering changes fluidity in your mind, and accepting that all things change. This constant encourages you to help yourself, rather than not to just be an inactive participant in the flow experiences that are happening to you and those around you.

Humans are constantly exploring the meaning of their experience. Perceived meaning only reflects the intention*. Intention becomes visible when the perceiver observes their experience. Think about how you feel as you go through events. Stay calm. What is happening is probably not a physical threat. The body-mind is blind to the world, it needs reassurance. ..

The body-mind relies on senses (and past experience) for information. It organizes it into patterns to reduce the feeling of chaos. So your system is pre-loaded as to how sensory information flows into the body. Because we are trying to keep safe but are depending on fragmented information and old patterns that no longer fit, we often gather perceptual information in ways that confirm our previous suffering. Many of us are ready to let these patterns go and to experience new ways of Being. We can allow ourselves to access a broader range of possibilities, become unstuck and more actively engage in being a healing presence in the world.

When you become aware that life is happening, breathe.  Breath brings you into the present. Awareness and Breath fuels your mind, body, and spirit connection. As the Qi energy flows through your body in a more relaxed, plentiful way, you are better able to allow this energy to nurture you. As it flows through you the Self expands out of its smallness and brings Life to both you and everything you touch in the world.

All things are negotiable.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by choices? Do you ever want to take yourself out of the experience? Or maybe you want to take yourself deeper into the experience. If you remember that you always have choices, you are better able to navigate. As we become aware of these choices, many of us become overwhelmed. Coming out of our stuckness, waking up to the realm of choices,  we learn how to wield your free will. Initially our information to option becomes a little intimidating, but with practice choosing where, when, and what happens to you this task becomes easier. Be careful not to lose the intention your goal began with, whatever it may be. You need not attach to a situation as you experience it flow through your present self. This is your power the only one you have. Making decisions that have direct bearing on your own perception is how we change the way we as a whole look at the world. It is a one human at a time process. Processing is difficult because we only usually do what we know and what many of us know is that life is seems to be out get us. This is programming we receive when our minds were young and with out form and ability to recognize that the world has little bearing on our attitudes through our life cycle. In my life, I often find that actions taken by non-action often have a profound effect on how things play out. Still a choice was made and is being reflected out into the universe pivoting on your non-choice choice. Take the bull by the horns and develop a system of exploration and acceptance or non acceptance as moments present.

Be Present.

So we are humans, as our predecessors have told us. Completely vague reasoning as why you are what you are right now. “In the here and now.” think about the mangled communication life has presented you. Some of the input is useful and some not but as we experience things a repetitive model is built-in the system you are. This brings expectation and anticipation along with sets of emotions that have resulted from same situations through time. Experience is just that a reinforcement predictable to possible outcomes but not concrete in the end results as each similar situation presents.

There is a concept that pervades through out meditation models and that is “A quiet mind is a learning mind, a noisy mind is a mind in a state of trepidation or trauma.” Our nervous systems are our intake and/ or reaction tool. The way you acclimate to exterior or interior stimulations is a choice, no matter how many things you think may be extraneous to your control. You made decisions if you don’t like them consciously change your behavior and mind, if you do not like your current situations in life. We are here individually for a finite time be careful not to become a reactionary entity that ignores the options at hand. Be here in your current state being.

* Intention is the momentum of an action. It precedes the action and is born from need or desire. It determines the direction, the form, and the choice of the action and consequently plants the seeds future circumstances circumstance.