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Our Approach

At Ascending Hope Acupuncture, we offer a safe and supportive healing environment to release physical and emotional pain using holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other holistic modalities. Patients report that, along with the release of symptoms, they often feel increased energy and a sense of balanced well-being. As healing occurs, patients often notice changes across many areas of their lives.

Meet the Team

Christopher Bonnichsen LAc MaAOM

Christopher at the Salvador Dali Museum, Spain

Christopher, a native Oregonian, has dedicated his life to raising his two children and to helping others live better lives. He has spent many years serving people from all walks of life as both a healer and a social worker. Through the healing of his own chronic pain, he is walking evidence that his techniques work.

In 2005, Christopher graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the best school of its kind in the United States. He uses a variety of healing approaches (including: Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese fire cupping, Guasha, Shiatsu, Tuina) to engage patients as active partners in their own healing. Christopher’s main focus is on women’s health through all stages of life; from general health to fertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum recovery, breast cancer and menopause. He also enjoys helping people with pain management and has an interest in treating neurological issues.

To Christopher, health is about the intersection between the mind, body and spirit. He aims to provide the best Traditional Chinese Medicine to patients while integrating acupuncture, Chinese herbs and qigong as a means to balance both the physical and emotional forms of health. Christopher has been practicing Qi Gong since 1991 and teaches classes weekly.

When not working, Christopher enjoys spending time with his children and cats, being involved in his local community and cooking for his family and friends.


Vera Brink LAc, Herbsong Acupuncture

Vera Brink

Vera Brink is licensed in both California and Oregon as well as certified by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Several years after earning a B.A. in Cultural anthropology with a double focus on the culture of music and food as medicine at the University of California, Santa Cruz, she earned her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University in her native Los Angeles, CA. While studying there, she managed to peel away from the books to volunteer at the Learning Garden in Venice Beach, which afforded her a closer look at the unique personalities of the Chinese herbs grown there. These powerful plants taught her about health through resonance with the dynamic balance of natural cycles.

Utilizing herbs, dietary guidance, acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion, Vera acts as a vessel of transformation to support the innate wellness that dwells within everyone. She believes that each health challenge can be seen as a state that offers us opportunities to know and love ourselves more deeply, that a true state of health is one in which we not only hear our inner needs, but are also able to provide for ourselves in a loving way.

Vera would love to introduce you to your herbal allies and offer support along your path to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.


Tito Anders, BA LMT

Tito specializes in recuperative therapy; this is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “spa-style” relaxation massage. This is bodywork at it’s best: focused, intentional, intuitive, informed care for relief from chronic pain and recovery from injuries. Tito is uniquely adept and listening and understanding your personal needs, working within your personal limits, and customizing your treatment session for a speedy recovery.

Dynamic Balancing is what Tito calls his particular brand of bodywork. After the first two years of his practice, he noticed many of his clients returning with the same problems after basic Swedish massages. They weren’t getting better. This compelled him to learn osteopathic techniques, some essentials of Tui Na, Muscle Energy Technique (MET), and Thai Massage. These advanced modalities, coupled with extensive teaching of Kinesiology, brought a new focus to his practice. Tito now focuses on the uniqueness of each client’s needs and issues.


Brena Fiorillo, Reiki Master Energy Healer

Brena originally hails from the Seattle area, where she received her master-level Usui Reiki attunement. She does most of her client’s energy sessions in-home, so is in-office at Ascending Hope Acupuncture only when previously scheduled. Please schedule Brena to secure an appointment and experience the deep, soulful peace her healing touch offers.


Jenna Roberts, BEMER Therapy

Jenna Roberts is a certified Independent BEMER Distributor who will be leading BEMER therapy sessions and sales.

BEMER is a medical PEMF device that uses a unique patented signal that focuses on the enhancement of Micro-circulation. This breakthrough technology in the field of energy medicine improves circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and waste removal on a cellular level in just 8 minutes of laying down on it, ideally twice each day.

Jenna has personally found great benefits from regular use, and is excited to introduce you to this wonderful technology.