Who We Help

At Ascending Hope Acupuncture (AHA), we help people who’ve been told their health condition is, “something you’ll have to live with.” We don’t agree. We will help bring wholeness.


Pain management:

  • sports injuries
  • car accident injuries

Women’s health:

  • fertility
  • pregnancy and birth induction
  • menopause
  • menstruation irregularities

While we specialize in pain management and women’s health care, we also can treat:

  • anxiety, depression, PTSD
  • numbness/tingling
  • migraines/headaches
  • addictions
  • weight loss
  • sports injuries
  • insomnia
  • fibromyalgia

We work in a cooperative manner with doctors and specialists. Chinese medicine is designed to work with everything human, don’t hesitate to call or message with questions for your specific needs.





Initial Consultation: 80 minutes $120-150
Acupuncture – Initial Unit: 80 minutes $120
Acupuncture – Extended Unit: 80 minutes $125
Acupuncture – Additional Uunit: 50 minutes $80
Electro Acupuncture – Initial Unit: 80 minutes $100
Electro Acupuncture – Additional Unit: 50 minutes $50
De-Stress Ear Acupuncture: 25 minutes $25
De-Stress Ear Seed Application: 15 minutes $15
Cupping – Initial Unit: 45 minutes $40
Cupping – Additional Unit: 30 minutes $30
Shiatsu Massage – Initial Unit: 50 minutes $100
Lamp Therapy: Up to 30 minutes $10/Unit
Wellness Counseling: 60 minutes $100
Herbal or Nutritional Consultation: 30-60 minutes $50-100*
Private Qigong Instruction: 30-60 minutes $50-100

*Additional cost depending on needs for herbal therapy


AHA currently accepts Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, CIGNA, OHP, Providence Care Oregon, auto insurance, and workman’s compensation.

*It is the responsibility of the patient to know what services your insurance plan covers.